still trimming the sails;
a work-in-progress...

...Are you sure you're where you intended to be?
Apparently, a surprising number of us are named "barton cole" (lots of dogs, too, no doubt), and even a raven sculpture in Kolowna, BC, named after yours truly, but you'll find those others on the book of faces - likely the dogs, also, although not the raven ("nevermore," and all).
I've put up a slurry of Writing samples, some extensive notes regarding my views on Food, snapshots of some Places I've been (and a page of fun Maps), and - picture me in spatter-charred leather apron with welding glasses, heavy gloves, and a digital torch - am working on content about my Art, and about my Work.
Enjoy your visit.

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available for hire:
whidbey islandgreater seattle

graphic, web, print, multi-media
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private/personal chef; cooking classes; food styling, consulting, and writing; restaurant reviews
30+ years pro experience; master chef, with abundant references
pruning, renovation, design, installation, water systems, creative and precision-engineered drainage solutions, flatwork, hardscaping...
certified master gardener
impeccable references
copy, editing, proofreading, styling
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